In recent years, access and diversity of plastics have changed, which has led to the emergence of modern methods of processing them. Traditional, manual cutting methods began to fulfill an auxiliary function, but still being present in industry, mainly in small-lot production. Currently, the most popular method of processing is the laser method, due to its efficiency and high precision.

Classic cutting methods include milling, thermal knife cutting, machining, as well as jigsaw and chain saw. None of these methods can match the laser treatment, which is non-contact and requires no fixing materials.

Laser cutting technology is characterized by fast operation, repeatability and high precision, thanks to which it has become the most commonly used in the industry for cutting, among others from synthetic materials. The advantages of laser cutting are also high efficiency, no debris, even edges of the processed material, no damage and waste minimization. Laser cutters allow you to shorten the cutting time, which reduces the cost of the job. This type of treatment is ideal for mass production, where it is important to produce a large number of identical products using the same technology.

Process automation minimizes the risk of errors, provides control during cutting, quickly eliminates errors and allows reporting of the process.

At JARD Creative, we work on Epilog Laser and Universal Laser System machines, which ensure speed and reliability of work, are known worldwide and guarantee the highest quality of processing.

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