Large format printing, as well as its various production technologies, have gained considerable momentum in recent years. We can meet him practically everywhere: on the way to work, passing dozens or even hundreds of banners, stickers, placards. Their task is to attract the eye and encourage you to buy or visit the store of a particular brand. The multitude of applications and technologies of large format printing allows for many possibilities and gives a wide range of possibilities, not only to ordinary retail customers, but also to huge store chains that want to create their image precisely by using in their premises, shops, large format printing facilities.

The strong development of large-format printing has resulted in several main technologies for its implementation, which include: solvent, UV and sublimation methods. Manufacturers from month to month present improved and modernized machines, allowing for faster, more economical and more effective printing. Large format printing is mainly used in the production of large format media, the size of which goes beyond the format of sheet-fed machines.

The history of large-format printing is relatively short, but thanks to its versatility and variety of substrates on which it can be used, it quickly gained a huge group of supporters. It caused that in practically one moment it became a powerful branch of the advertising market. Depending on the inks used and how they are cured, we distinguish large format printing: solvent (eco, mild and hard), sublimation and UV.

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