Dye-sublimation printing, also called thermal transfer printing, is a technique of printing similar to solvent printing, with the difference that in dye-sublimation printing a different type of inks is used for a different purpose. Printing takes place in the so-called mirror image on transfer materials and then using the press and heating tables the image is transferred to the target surface. Thermal transfer printing is mainly used for the production of flags, banners, advertising tablecloths, towels with individual prints, etc. In the small format option, thanks to this technique it is possible to make prints on all kinds of advertising gadgets and advertising clothing. Large-format thermal transfer printing at Jard is most often used for the production of illuminated and non-illuminated advertising textiles. For this we use one plotter called Durst Rhotex 325.

Durst Rhotex 325 is the latest, fully innovative digital device used for direct printing on textile materials, including primarily polyester. Rhotex 325 offers the greatest possible protection and environmental friendliness. Printouts from this machine can be placed anywhere. The water-based print inks used in the machine are completely odorless, biodegradable and disposable. The dyes used to make them do not adversely affect human skin and do not emit hazardous, volatile VOC’s. In addition, the special ink used in the Rhotex machine, after fixing (calendering) provides very transparent colors and images.

 The main features of the Rhotex 325 printer are:
- transfer printing (from paper to textiles) or direct to textiles (made on the basis of polyester) with Durst's patented system of moving the medium from role to role and with special WTS print heads,
- horizontal gray scale of the heads;
- droplet size of 7, 14 and 21 picoliters (variable) at a resolution of 400x600 DPI,
- 7 picolitres drop (solid) at 800x600 DPI,
- colors used: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, maximum resolution: up to 1200 dpi
- printing speed: up to 130 m² / h (backlit), up to 170 m² / h (textiles), up to 390 m² / h (High Speed ​​Mode)
- print width: up to 320 cm,
- printing length: limited by the length of the medium (max roll diameter is 400 mm),
- specially designed textile transport system from role to role with an integrated drying system for printed media, using hot air (temperature + controlled air circulation)
- "Built in" ink absorption system for printing with reprint (eg flag),
- antistatic system,
- automatic head cleaning system using water (fully environmentally friendly),
- 100% environmentally friendly special water inks,
- level 5-6 on the "Blue Wool" scale, allowing the exposure of prints also outside. Print durability is up to two years.

If you would like to learn more about thermo-sublimation printing, write to us at biuro@jardcreative.com!