Protective masks that our JARD Creative team manufactures to help the health care system are made of a frame and a plastic lens. The process of their production takes place primarily on 3D printers. We currently have 6 models in our stock that print the top and bottom of masks:

  • Zortrax m200
  • Zortrax m200 plus
  • Zortrax m300 plus
  • Zortrax m300 dual
  • Makerbot replicator x2

For the production of protective masks, we use the design provided by Prusa Reaserch with assembly instructions. The entire structure consists of four parts:

  • Two printed elements - top and bottom of the mask
  • Front cover - cut in our milling department on the ZUND G3 plotter from 0.5mm thick colorless PET plastic, according to the template on the project page
  • Material elastic band - allows adjustment and comfortable seating

We print protective masks using the FDM method, which in our case is 3D printing from ABS thermoplastic. The material in the form of a fishing line is introduced by us and automatically taken by the printer to the print head, where at 275ºC it is transformed to a semi-liquid state and distributed layer by layer, creating a ready spatial model. Printing one piece takes about 4.5 hours, while our team prints two pieces on the same 3D printer at the same time, which takes about 9-10 hours. During the day we are able to produce 23-25 ​​pieces.

Masks created in this way, in the form of shields, have a protective function, preventing the contact of droplets of infected saliva with the face of a hospital employee. During their manufacture, our team takes care of maintaining all personal protective equipment and health and safety rules.

Description of the Prusa Reaserch project can be found here: