Due to the very difficult situation in Polish hospitals and due to the exhaustion of basic protective measures, our company JARD Creative joins the help campaign. So far, we have produced several protective masks that will be transferred to the infectious hospital in Łańcut in the near future.

The masks are made of a frame and plastic lens, making them completely safe for health and easy to disinfect. Due to their production using a 3D printer, the production time is very long, it takes several hours, while our company tries to produce as much as possible and deliver it to the hospital as soon as possible.

We hope that they will help hospital staff in the fight for patients' health and lives.

We would also like to draw your attention to limiting leaving your home to the necessary minimum. Let's exercise caution, drow's sense and pay special attention to hygiene. Extremely important in this difficult time for us all is primarily:
  • washing hands for about 30 seconds
  • disinfecting hands with gel when you are out and about
  • covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing with a disposable tissue or using your elbow
  • maintaining cleanliness of frequently touched surfaces: door handles, telephones, computer keyboards
  • avoiding personal contacts, including shaking hands when greeting