UV printing is a newer technique compared to printed solvent printing due to its higher quality. In addition, UV printing gives the possibility to use printing on flat and transparent materials, by printing in white, as a print under the application graphics. At JARD Creative, we use UV configuration when connecting Durst machines such as the Rho P10 250 and Rho 312R.

Durst Rho P10 250 is an innovative digital printer designed for printing on hard surfaces, cardboard and materials from the role of Rho P10 250. hard substrates, including on cardboard, as well as on flexible materials from the role. The width of such a print is 250 cm. In addition, the P10 250 is available in a class equipment that includes all of the above-mentioned options and printing options with very large capacity while maintaining content, access to the print quality market. The Rho P10 250 also offers available features and environmental friendliness. The UV inks used in the machine are Green Guard certified and include very strict Nordic Swan certification assessments. In addition, they do not emit one lotus of VOC substances.

The main feature of the innovative Rho P110 250 printer is:
- Multi-level Greyscale heads (drop: 10pl and 15pl)
- Durst Quadro Array 12M printheads with Variodrop technology
- Print resolution: up to 1000 dpi
- Printing speed: up to 240 m2 / h
- Printing width: up to 250 cm
- Matte or glossy print possible
- Bright colors also printing at full speed
- Optimal print quality thanks to the use of pass-overlay (overlapping)
- A new, specially designed panel transport system with an integrated cardboard handling system (corrugate option)
- Continuous printing (unique on the market) on materials in plates, without time losses on loading the media (no breaks in printing)
- Magnetic print carriage drive
- The most precise and reliable on the market Antistatic system (standard)
- Environmentally friendly special UV Durst inks.

If you would like to learn more about how we print at JARD Creative, write to us at: biuro@jardcreative.com!