Advantages of powder coating:

• Ecology - powder paints do not contain harmful solvent substances, and therefore do not have a harmful effect on health and the environment
• Efficiency - the consumption of powder paints is much lower than in the case of traditional emulsions
• Economical - due to high efficiency, in the end, painting the same element is cheaper in the case of powder paints
• Construction of varnish devices - they are constructed in such a way that they protect the powder against excessive wear, and excess paint that has not deposited on the painted surface simply stops in the paint chamber
• The end result - thanks to powder paints, it is possible to obtain a perfectly smooth, uniform, deformation-free surface
• Aesthetics - the painted element looks much better than when painting with wet paint
• Diversity - it is possible to achieve two effects: matte and gloss using powder paints
• Availability - a wide selection of powder paints
• Durability - elements covered with powder paints are much more durable and durable, and the surface obtained using powder technique has anti-corrosive properties
• Resistance - the coatings are resistant to UV radiation and extremely different temperatures
Disadvantages of powder coating:
• Specialized equipment - for powder painting, expensive equipment is purchased that is necessary to achieve the best effect
• Time consuming - before painting, prepare the element and clean it thoroughly, which takes time
• Surface heating - is a necessary process after painting and in home conditions may not be possible

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