Electrokinetic powder coating is one of two varieties of powder coating and is completely different from electrostatic.

Before spraying the paint, the painted surface should be warmed up, thanks to which the powder in the paint will dissolve well and stick to the surface. Therefore, only those elements that will not be damaged at a temperature of about 180-200 degrees Celsius can be subjected to powder coating. The painting process begins with kinetic energy and with positive loading of particles through friction. Paint particles rub not only among themselves, but also on the internal walls of the applicator hose or the internal walls of the applicator. In this way, the powder paint particles, as a result of colliding with the painted surface, adhere to it and evenly cover the entire painted element. Equipment painted in this way has a smooth and durable surface.

Electrostatic powder coating requires accuracy and precision. The design of spraying equipment is not complicated, however, the painting room must meet strict standards. The conditions prevailing in the paint shop translate significantly to the final result.

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