Powder coating is one of the ways to paint different types of surfaces and works well for both metals and wood and glass. The powder coating process involves the use of specialized powder paint that is evenly distributed over the entire surface by electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying.

Powder paints are completely safe for people and the environment, they have certificates allowing contact with food and drinking water. No harmful solvents are used in the painting process. The paint is applied once, and the thickness of the resulting layer is comparable to three layers of solvent paint. In contrast, no harmful substances are emitted to the atmosphere in the curing process of the coating.

A wide range of different types of powder coating paints are available on the market. These are epoxy, polyester, epoxy-polyester, polyurethane and silicone paints with a wide range of colors and a diverse surface structure depending on the customer's requirements.

Powder painting very effectively displaces wet painting wherever quality, durability and resistance to atmospheric factors of the obtained surfaces are important.

For example, it is used for painting:

  • car bodies, bicycle frames,
  • store, warehouse, workshop and laboratory shelves,
  • profiles, sheets, radiators, gutters,
  • garden furniture, home furniture components, sports and rehabilitation articles,
  • electromechanical and electronic equipment housings.

The described method is one of the most popular painting methods for several decades, and its advantage is great technical parameters and obtaining smooth and durable coatings, resistant to corrosion and changing weather conditions. At JARD Creative, we use specialized tools to create a coating that meets customer requirements and protects the entire surface. If you would like to learn more about powder coating, write to us at: biuro@jardcreative.com!