We present to you the next two designs of storefronts, which were created by our JARD Creative team. Both display cases are designed in a similar style, but have different decorative elements.

Storefront no. 1 consists of:

  • frame made of powder coated steel,
  • platform made of PVC covered with foil and supplemented with a powder coated steel element,
  • a decorative element in the form of a quarter circle on the floor made of PVC and treated with upholstery material,
  • standing decorative elements in the form of quarters of a circle made of PVC and UV printing.

Storefront no. 2 consists of:

  • frame made of powder coated steel,
  • within synthetic links,
  • decorative semicircles made of PVC and covered with foil.

If your company is interested in the design elements we create, please write to us at biuro@jardcreative.com.