The JARD Creative Plotters department is a department where technological processes take place, such as large-format printing, which takes place on printing plotters using solvent, eco-solvent and UV-cured inks. During the process, material waste (film, PVC, PET, PP, polyester, paper) and small amounts of waste water after cleaning the equipment are generated. The devices do not exceed noise standards.
Machines and devices used in the process:
  • 4 eco-solvent plotters
  • 1 solvent plotter
  • 2 UV plotters
  • 1 sublimation plotter

Materials and raw materials used for production:

Roll materials:
  • Textile materials (also for backlights)
  • Self-adhesive films (monomeric, polymeric, cast)
  • PVC coated banners (Frontlit, Backlit, Blockout)
Flat materials:
  • PVC foam Dibond (aluminum-pvc-aluminum composite)
  • Foam-x (foam board)
  • PET plates (pet-gag, lumex, apet, axpet)
Printing inks and solvents are classified as irritants (Xi) and harmful (Xn). Waste from the process is sent for utilization or recycling to specialist companies.