The milling department at JARD Creative consists of:

  1. Materials processing through milling,
  2. Materials processing by cutting with support for material clamping system, head and active oscillating knife and creasing machine.
  3. Noise above 80 dB, NDN and NDNCh are not exceeded
  4. Waste:
  • available from the cut of the processed material (utilized by external companies)
  • dust and chips generated during work in wood and boards

Worked materials:

  • Gum
  • Skin
  • Upholstery materials.

Machines and devices used in processes:

  • Plot milling Kimla BPF
  • 2141 Aristomat GL 2432-8 cutting plotters
  • Zund G3 plotter
  • Auxiliary devices: pumps, compressors, extractors