Heavy production at JARD Creative consists of:

  • Powder painting - electrostatic application of a powder paint layer and subsequent firing in an oven. There is dust (from the powder booth) and emission of harmful gases resulting from the high temperature of about 200 ºC (from the furnace) - local ventilation is used
  • Painting room - spray painting with solvent-based paints and varnishes - local ventilation is used
  • Machining - milling machines, drills, grinders, cutting saws, lathe - noise emission
  • Welding - there is emission of gases formed in the process

Materials and raw materials used for production:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • PMMA
  • PVC
  • Glues
  • General purpose paints and solvents
  • Powder paints
  • Technical gases - argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, propane-butane, acetylene

Machines and devices used in processes:

  • Welders (MIG and MMA)
  • Oxygen acetylene burner
  • Milling machines, saws, jigsaws, lathes, grinders
  • Drills (manual, table, column type), screwdrivers
  • Powder booth
  • Baking furnace after pulverizing
  • Bender gritter
  • Soldering
  • Heat Guns
  • Spray guns