The Jard company was founded in 1997 and from the very beginning it has focused on the advertising industry.

A wide range of our activities includes the preparation and comprehensive implementation of projects in the field of large format printing and visual advertising (both internal and external), as well as professional consultancy services that our clients can count on.

We implement our own and commissioned projects, which can include all kinds of marketing campaigns (from changes in the arrangement of storefronts and interiors, through sales, changes of the collection on cyclical and regular changes to the decor). 

Jard Creative 20 lat na rynku!

We have clients in Poland, the European Union as well as Serbia, Ukraine and Russia. We currently serve over 3,000 stores, realizing over 300 different types of marketing campaigns at the same time which are:

  • exchanging textile posters and banners,

  • wrapping storefronts,

  • making spatial forms, displays and accessories for arranging storefronts and interiors.

By acting on the market for two decades, we have become synonymous with high quality, reliability and timeliness.


The greatest asset of our company with only Polish capital is the complexity of the services provided, starting from the design process, through production, to the implementation, instalation, warranty service and post-warranty service.

From the very beginning, we focus on people, knowledge and the latest technological and production solutions, based on which we develop our potential. There are 130 people working on the 4,200 m2 production area, which ensure the highest quality of projects for our clients. We use modern machinery and innovative, environmentally friendly technologies and solutions that are subject to patent protection under EU law. We continually invest in the development and training of our staff, developing our competences, because we believe that success can not be a coincidence. We want to provide high-quality solutions to make our work appreciated by existing and new customers.

The Jard is made up of people with passion, engaged in everyday work and open to continuous development. The trust we receive every day is a source of pride and motivation for even greater effort, necessary to meet new challenges.

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